2018-12-13 · irina.pinchuk

BTL Talks with Anna Petrova

Colleagues, we invite you to subscribe to the new BTL talks YouTube channel! BTL Talks is a series of interviews with famous and outstanding personalities, businessmen, public figures and successful people…

2018-12-12 · irina.pinchuk

BTL Talks with Maya Abasova

This time, I communicated with Director of Sales at JW Marriott Absheron Baku Maya Abasova – a representative of one of favorite hotels in Azerbaijan. How does JW Marriott Absheron Baku manage to maintain international quality standards and provide such a high level of service, why Azerbaijan is considered an attractive venue for corporate groups, which stereotypes about the country are true and which are false? The answers to these and many other questions you will find in our episode.

2018-11-29 · irina.pinchuk

BTL Talks with Maya Bibilauri

Watch the full version of the interview with Anna Petrova and Maya Bibilauri on our YouTube channel #BTLTalks! For 8 years, Maya has been developing MICE industry in Georgia; she is also an unchallenged leader of our #BTLGeorgia team.

2018-10-17 · irina.pinchuk

The youngest hotelier in Kiev

Vasya Grogol – hotelier, executive director of the boutique hotel Bursa on Podol. Vasa is only 23 years old!, But he already has impressive experience and many successful international projects…

2018-09-03 · irina.pinchuk

BTL Talks with Hugo Slimbrouck

Watch new BTL Talks interview with MCI owner and Director of Strategic Partnerships at Ovation Global DMC – Hugo Slimbrouck.

2018-08-23 · irina.pinchuk

How to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner

Roman Romanchuk – the Panna Pasticceria restaurant owner

2015-02-01 · Анна Петрова

Добро пожаловать на канал MMP

Welcome to the MMP channel. We created the release of interesting programs in the field of tourism, event organization, event management, business travel and MICE.  Industry news, opinion leaders interviews, round tables, reports and much more on our MMP channel. – portal for organizers and customers of business events, as well as a catalog of event agencies, technical suppliers and venues for events. Keywords: MICE, event, portal, meeting industry, news, agencies, event organizers, event industry leaders, organization of shows, concerts, corporate events, special events, trainings, business tours, conferences, exhibitions, event technical support, innovations, artists’ base, musicians, corporate groups, hotels, travel agencies, carriers, logistics, catering, incentive tours.