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Ukrainian Gastro-Trip: 7 Best New Restaurants in Kyiv

7 completely unique places offering gastronomic delights and making you feel truly comfortable in a cozy atmosphere …

These are the restaurants that will eventually become “your places,” even if you make business trips to Kyiv not so often. 7 completely unique places offering gastronomic delights and making you feel truly comfortable in a cozy atmosphere – this is exactly what you need for the perfect gastronomic trip in the capital.

Every year the number of new restaurants, conceptual places and eco cafes in Kyiv grows exponentially. All of them have a rich variety of dishes from around the world. Visiting the Ukrainian capital, you can easily find places where Asian, European and national food is served.
Keep reading to be aware of the best new restaurants in Kyiv that will please gourmets from around the world.


SHO is a two-story location on Mechnikov Street and probably the largest restaurant that serves modern interpretations of Ukrainian cuisine. Seats up to 300 visitors.

Although the interior consists of typical Ukrainian elements of décor, the general style of SHO is reserved.

The owners have been working up the restaurant’s menu for several years. Here you can taste veal cheeks with pearl barley, varenyk or dumpling with a rabbit (it is served with two sauces), holodets’ or aspic from turkey and rooster, and for the breakfast you can have scrambled eggs with smoked halibut, eggs “Benedict” with salmon, scramble with sausages from turkey, as well as cheese pancakes and oatmeal.


NAM is a Vietnamese restaurant on Velyka Vasylkivs’ka Street from the founders of BAO.

Asia inspired Hector Jimenez-Bravo, a Canadian and Ukrainian chef of Colombian origin, to find non-trivial, authentic Vietnamese recipes and modernize them.

On the first floor there is the main cocktail bar, and the second floor is a cozy place for dinners. Here you can try sam tom with frog legs and sweet potato, nem with lobster and mango, octopus with fruit tartar, rabbit meat with pineapple sauce and crispy coconut chips, and other Vietnamese delights in the new interpretation.


Belyi Shum (White Noise) is a city cafe in the hotel complex Bursa on Podil.
“Here you can take a cup of espresso with croissant in the morning or grab a lunch with your colleague or have an important business meeting,” say the founders. What’s on the menu? Scrambled eggs with potatoes, almond pesto and avocado, toast on homemade bread with poached eggs, freshly baked croissants and “alternative cheesecakes” – baked bergamot sabayon with crumbs of cookies. And don’t forget to try four-cheese sandwiches – it is extremely delicious.

The café provides 80 seats: 53 in the hall and 27 at the bar. And on the roof of the hotel complex there is a bar with a rich cocktail menu.


European cuisine restaurant Mayak, located on the Dnipro river quay, has opened its doors last summer.

The restaurant seats up more than 500 visitors in the main hall and on two terraces. In addition, there is a second floor with 110 seats and two banquet rooms for 35 and 20 people respectively.
The restaurant serves European cuisine with an emphasis on seafood.


Il Riccio is a new Italian restaurant located between Kontraktova Square and St. Andrew’s Descent.

The available space consists of the first floor of the building, able to accommodate up to 126 persons, and the inner courtyard with 88 seats. In addition, there are three VIP rooms in the restaurant.

The owners claim that they wanted to turn the terrace into a real Italian courtyard. A 200-year-old olive tree brought from Italy is Il Riccio’s centerpiece.


The restaurant is located on the second floor of the building, where the Bel’etage event hall is housed. The interior is designed in a modern style with some authentic touches that create a truly “oriental atmosphere”. In addition, Pasha has a summer roof terrace.

Special attributes of this place are Turkish ovens for baking. Here you will be served tomato soup with mint and cheese, as well as dishes on the grill – steaks and kebabs.


Spicy NoSpicy is a new place with pan-Asian cuisine designed to accommodate 80 persons.

Spicy NoSpicy’s chef does not see the need to adapt Asian dishes too much for Kyiv consumer.

Don’t hesitate to order spicy tom-yam, just like in Thailand, pho soup, salmon tartare, and creme brulee with taste of matcha tea for dessert.


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