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Nadezhda Shemyakina about Italy as MICE destination

“Vittorio Sereni once said that Italy is an endless Sunday. But I would paraphrase a little: Italy is an endless Friday, a special holiday that you always wait with trembling in your soul.”
Head of MICE BTL told us why Italy is not merely a paradise place to rest, but also an ideal MICE-destination. Warning: after reading the article, you will immediately decide on the venue for the next team building 😉

“Looking for a location for an important event? Want everything to go perfectly, making clients be fully satisfied? Let’s be honest, now the creative component plays almost the leading role, therefore, now a company that submits the most interesting and unusual offer wins.
It doesn’t mean, though, that it is necessary to invent a bicycle, look for a non-existent country or city to make your offer unique and new. Sometimes what we are searching for is not so far away than we think. In three-hours, to be precise (laughing).

The air temperature in Italy is perfect all year round – everybody is familiar with such fact. So why not take full advantage of this?
Terrible frosts do not narrow the geography of your travels to Bali, Thailand or Sri Lanka. Winter is an opportunity to see the places where thousands of tourists flock to during the warm season.

Sale. One word, but thousands of emotions! If you’re a shopaholic, January may be one of the best times to visit Italy – it’s winter sales season. You can choose Milan – a paradise for shoppers – or outlets, which are about one hour’s drive from the capital of fashion and style, and later you can take a stroll around the city in a good mood due to favorable shopping experience.

Italy is a land of motors. That is where factories that produce luxury cars are located. Are you a Formula 1 fan? How about visiting wineries of the famous racer Sean Bratches with wine tasting and test-driving Ferrari cars?

For connoisseurs of Mediterranean cuisine and Italian wine lovers, we offer to taste all regions of Italy and go to the wine, gastronomic, and even Prosecco tours. We definitely recommend to go on such tours in spring.
In late April, you can go on a wonderful incentive tour to Piemondt named Hunting for truffles. Such kind of hunting will appeal to true gourmets, and if you’d like to top off the evening with a visit to the winery …Guess, you will bring not only positive emotions from the trip, but also a bottle of red dry (laughing).

By the way, such tours are also interesting because you can learn the basics of culinary mastery masterminded by experienced chefs and learn the secrets of Italian cuisine. Isn’t it a perfect trip?

The West Coast is a perfect place for teambuildings if hastless and tranquil rest is what you like.
Last summer, for example, we accompanied a group of 50 people to Sorrento. But our trip was not limited to this fabulous city: the day after arrival, guests visited Capri, having reached the island by speedboat.
The evening was magically beautiful. We climbed to the highest peak of the island on the cable car and enjoyed the view, sipping limoncello.

Let us now turn to the autumn season.
In early September, we carried out an incentive tour for our partners in Sicily. The weather was beautiful, and the journey was very pleasant. We visited tiny coastal towns, stopped at noisy fish and meat markets, went to Mount Etna, climbed to extinct craters, and, of course, visited places where Godfather was filmed – a trilogy that has rightly become classics.

And on one of the last days we went fishing, cooked dinner with fish catch (the best in my life!) and swam in one of the most beautiful bays in the region.
The guests were excited, and our goal to surprise them was achieved!

“Vittorio Sereni once said that Italy is an endless Sunday. But I would paraphrase a little: Italy is an endless Friday, a special holiday that you always wait with trembling in your soul.”

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