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5 best cruises to take this summer

Would like to see everything at once, avoid moving from hotel to hotel, and prefer mountains to sea or ocean? Welcome aboard!

2019-05-23 · irina.pinchuk

5 trip-worthy events in Baku this year

What are the five trip-worthy events that will be held in Baku this year?

2019-02-22 · irina.pinchuk

Ukrainian Gastro-Trip: 7 Best New Restaurants in Kyiv

7 completely unique places offering gastronomic delights and making you feel truly comfortable in a cozy atmosphere …

2019-01-17 · irina.pinchuk

The world’s biggest travelers

Northern Europeans are the world’s biggest travelers, with four Nordic countries all in the top five.

2019-01-15 · irina.pinchuk

TOP destinations for ecotourism in Europe

Ecotourism first came onto the scene in the early 1990s and quickly became a very popular way of travelling.

2019-01-03 · irina.pinchuk

Most popular destinations in Europe for German tourists

As you know, residents of Germany travel a lot. Where do they prefer to spend their holidays?

2018-12-20 · irina.pinchuk

7 Travel Life Hacks, You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Sometimes the journey can turn into sheer disappointment. How to avoid such situations and make your trip comfortable?

2018-11-21 · irina.pinchuk

5 useful YouTube channels for MICE managers

We have chosen 5 profiles that will enhance your competitive advantage.

2018-11-02 · irina.pinchuk

World heritage sites are threatened by climate change

Some sights may disappear soon. Don’t  postpone your trip!

2018-10-17 · irina.pinchuk

5 Hotels in Italy, Where You Would Like to Find Yourself Right Now

Which one is to your liking? In Italy you can not only taste the tastiest pasta, pizza and gelato in the world or enjoy magnificent landscapes…

2018-08-23 · irina.pinchuk

TOP-20 Destinations for Meetings & Events

Global Event Awards is an international award given to the most innovative…

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Top 5 Apps for Event Management

The world of innovative technologies is rapid-changing and fast. – portal for organizers and customers of business events, as well as a catalog of event agencies, technical suppliers and venues for events. Keywords: MICE, event, portal, meeting industry, news, agencies, event organizers, event industry leaders, organization of shows, concerts, corporate events, special events, trainings, business tours, conferences, exhibitions, event technical support, innovations, artists’ base, musicians, corporate groups, hotels, travel agencies, carriers, logistics, catering, incentive tours.