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5 useful YouTube channels for MICE managers

We have chosen 5 profiles that will enhance your competitive advantage.

2018-11-02 · irina.pinchuk

World heritage sites are threatened by climate change

Some sights may disappear soon. Don’t  postpone your trip!

2018-10-17 · irina.pinchuk

5 Hotels in Italy, Where You Would Like to Find Yourself Right Now

Which one is to your liking? In Italy you can not only taste the tastiest pasta, pizza and gelato in the world or enjoy magnificent landscapes…

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TOP-20 Destinations for Meetings & Events

Global Event Awards is an international award given to the most innovative…

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Top 5 Apps for Event Management

The world of innovative technologies is rapid-changing and fast. 

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Топ 4 сильнейших бизнес-книг

Начните читать уже сегодня

2015-09-17 · irina.pinchuk

Спецзаказ:7 диетических блюд

Полезный гала-ужин

2015-09-16 · irina.pinchuk

5 нестандартных площадок

Сумасшедшие площадки для проведения мероприятий

2015-09-07 · irina.pinchuk

Топ-5: лучшие книги для работников event-индустрии

5 лучших книг для организаторов мероприятий – portal for organizers and customers of business events, as well as a catalog of event agencies, technical suppliers and venues for events. Keywords: MICE, event, portal, meeting industry, news, agencies, event organizers, event industry leaders, organization of shows, concerts, corporate events, special events, trainings, business tours, conferences, exhibitions, event technical support, innovations, artists’ base, musicians, corporate groups, hotels, travel agencies, carriers, logistics, catering, incentive tours.