2018-11-15 · irina.pinchuk

5 useful YouTube channels for MICE managers

We have chosen 5 profiles that will enhance your competitive advantage.

2018-11-08 · irina.pinchuk

Shopping туризм в Италии

The demand for shopping tourism in Italy is rapidly growing. Double-digit growth has been registered…

2018-11-02 · irina.pinchuk

World heritage sites are threatened by climate change

Some sights may disappear soon. Don’t  postpone your trip!

2018-11-01 · irina.pinchuk

World Mice Day 2018

World Mice Day is an international conference of business and incentive tourism, which takes place in Qingdao (China)…

2018-10-29 · irina.pinchuk

MMP Forum Caucasus 2018. How was it?

There is nothing as motivating and inspiring, as creating something with your hands….

2018-10-23 · irina.pinchuk

IMEX America 2018: Best Moments!

One of the most memorable occasions for the BTL group of companies took place on October 16

2018-10-22 · irina.pinchuk

Azerbaijan is MICE or Ideal Destination for Business Events

Azerbaijan is a burgeoning destination in the MICE industry. According to experts, Baku is one of 10 best…

2018-10-18 · irina.pinchuk

Galeries Lafayette: to Go or not to Go?

Galeries Lafayette is the second most visited place in Paris after the Eiffel Tower.

2018-10-17 · irina.pinchuk

5 Hotels in Italy, Where You Would Like to Find Yourself Right Now

Which one is to your liking? In Italy you can not only taste the tastiest pasta, pizza and gelato in the world or enjoy magnificent landscapes…

2018-10-16 · irina.pinchuk

Jazz it Up in Azerbaijan! Baku Jazz Festival 2018

For true connoisseurs of music – mainly jazz – we recommend spending the second half of the month at Baku Jazz Festival 2018.

2018-10-16 · irina.pinchuk

IMEX 2018 in Las Vegas: the Countdown Begins!

You may have heard (and maybe even visited or plan to visit) about IMEX America, annually held in Las Vegas.

2018-10-11 · irina.pinchuk

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi

Hotels & Preference Hualing Tbilisi ориентирован на деловой и MICE-туризм. – portal for organizers and customers of business events, as well as a catalog of event agencies, technical suppliers and venues for events. Keywords: MICE, event, portal, meeting industry, news, agencies, event organizers, event industry leaders, organization of shows, concerts, corporate events, special events, trainings, business tours, conferences, exhibitions, event technical support, innovations, artists’ base, musicians, corporate groups, hotels, travel agencies, carriers, logistics, catering, incentive tours.