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2015-03-30 · irina.pinchuk

Бизнес-завтрак: «Перезагрузка. Маркетинг и продажи в туризме»

18 марта в Киеве прошел бизнес-завтрак, посвященный маркетингу и продажам в сфере делового туризма, организованный MMP Project. – portal for organizers and customers of business events, as well as a catalog of event agencies, technical suppliers and venues for events. Keywords: MICE, event, portal, meeting industry, news, agencies, event organizers, event industry leaders, organization of shows, concerts, corporate events, special events, trainings, business tours, conferences, exhibitions, event technical support, innovations, artists’ base, musicians, corporate groups, hotels, travel agencies, carriers, logistics, catering, incentive tours.